THANK YOU for your excellent work on my various projects over the years. Always great to work with you because a) talent and b) you always gave a damn. 

Leanne Kingwell

Mate hope all great Heard from the Blackmore camp Everyone loves the mixes and all very happy !!!! X speak tomorrow

Drew (Thompson Music)

Hi Martin sensational job have just heard all the tracks love it thank you for talking with me we will talk soon cheers

Greg Clifford (The Angels engineer)

Dear Martin, Love your work. You're a master and a legend.

The Royal High Jinx

Martin - I learnt so much from you, always had a laugh and always got a great result from you over at least 35 of those years. U would always happily go down the funny little side roads i was discovering and exploring. Apart from being a top bloke and an unquestionably great engineer the big thing is that you are a frighteningly musical person. Keep on keeping on. Best to you.

James Black

Dear Martin, I cant thank you enough for the breath taking result you crafted on my EP Destination Unknown. The imagery and emotion is all there in the final package. The songs flow beautifully and every little element is just perfect. The feedback from many has been very inspiring. Also I was blown away that you got out of sick bed to work on the day.

Dallas tells me that you had done a Facebook post on the EP, which is very kind indeed of you. It goes without saying Dallas and I recommend you as the Master, and take great pride to credit you on all promos. Any new artist we work with will always be directed your way to get the total result.

Many thanks Martin for a beautiful job and a dream come true.

High Regards.

Wayne Rintoul

Martin gave it a sparkle that it wouldn't have had otherwise.

Brian Canham - Pseudo Echo/Producer/Composer

I enjoyed hearing the guitar very present, but not too painfully so. The mix and mastering are always good when the guitar sounds that way!

Steve Morse

I Wanted to take the time to thank you for your help with my first stab at creating an album. Your generosity with your time and expertise is greatly appreciated.

Greg Shier

I loved the fixing that you have done on the overall sound. The mixes were definitely not upto my liking but i am amazed with the quality of the master. Brilliant job.

Tenny Roy, producer - Mumbai

Martin has the tools to make mastering a breeze. He is an excellent engineer with a good ear for music and his editing skills are among the best. You no longer need to go to sydney for high quality mastering

Joe Camilleri - The Black Sorrows

Martin's ears are only found on martin's head!

Paul Hester - Largest Living Things/Crowded House


Adam Thompson (Chocolate Starfish)


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