Analog to Digital Archiving

Bring your ageing analog tapes back to life

Edensound Mastering is able to bake and transfer to digital all your analog multitrack and two track tapes in an easy and cost effective way. You know, ones that are slowly but surely deteriorating and will eventually be unplayable and lost forever!

We are often angaged in the process of digitising large back catalogs of 24 track 2 inch, 2 track half-inch and quarter-inch, and various other formats including 32 track, 24 track and 48 track digital tapes.

Most of the tapes are old and need to be baked before they’ll play without falling apart. Once they’re baked we have a few days only to transfer the audio.

We catalog the tapes thoroughly, photograph the boxes and track sheets etc and upload all the files to our RAID array server. This is in turn backed up OFF SITE.

Clients are able then to log in to a web interface and see exactly which tapes have been transferred and look at all the details.

At a future time we can also arrange remixing and mastering in stereo and/or 5.1


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