Edensound Mastering is credited with mastering many successful and diverse albums since opening its doors in Melbourne in the mid 90's - independent artists, high profile names, soundtracks, compilations and many more.

All styles of music, from grunge to contemporary pop, hardcore to classical have enjoyed the Edensound treatment as a result of the flexibility the facility offers.

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here are some AccrediTaTions

Edensound Mastering & Martin Pullan have received:

Guy Sebastian Like it Like That
No.1 Single - Platinum x 3 - 2009
Highest selling Australian artist song for the year.
Deep Purple Phoenix Rising
Wins the best music BuRay award in Germany.
Jack Vidgen Yes I Am
No.3 Album - Gold - 2011
Anthony Callea A New Chapter
Album - Gold 2008
Shannon Noll Lift
No.1 album - platinum
Nominated for best pop release 2006
Shannon Noll Shine
No.1 single (11 weeks at No.1) - platinum
Nominated for highest selling single 2006
Lee Harding What's Wrong With This Picture
Album - Platinum 2005
Split Enz The Living Enz
Album - gold 1985
Lee Harding Wasabi
No.1 single - Wasabi - Platinum 2006
Guy Sebastian Closer to the Sun
Album - Platinum 2006
The Black Sorrows Harley and Rose
Album - Gold 1990
The Black Sorrows Hold on to Me
Album - Platinum 1989
Uncanny X Men 50 Years
Single - 2 x Platinum 1985
Deep Purple Total Abandon DVD
Platinum 2000
The Seekers Morningtown Ride to Christmas
Album - Platinum 2002
Aussie Christmas with Bucko and Champs
Gold 1997
New Music Live From the Panel
Platinum 2005
The latest collection, Music Live From the Panel
Platinum 2005
Shannon Noll and Natalie Bassingthwaite Don't Give Up
No.2 single - Platinum 2008
Damian Leith Where We Land
Album - Platinum 2008
Marcia Hines Hinesight, Songs From the Journey
Album - Gold 2005
Hunters and Collectors Natural Selection
Gold 2005
Shannon Noll What About Me
No.1 Single - Platinum x 4
Nominated for highest selling singe 2004
Damien Leith Roy
Album - Gold 2011
Stan Walker Black Box
No.2 Single - Platinum x 2 2009
Wes Carr Feels Like Woah
Single - Gold 2009
John Farnham, Olivia Newton-John and Anthony Warlow Highlights From The Main Event
No.1 album - Platinum x 4 1998
Stan Walker Introducing
No.3 Album - Platinum 2009
John Farnham Jack
Album - Gold - 2010
Wes Carr Under The Influence EP
Gold 2009
Wes Carr You
No.1 Single
Gold 2008
John Farnham I Remember When I Was Young
Album - 2 x Platinum 2006
Things of Stone and Wood The Yearning
Album - Gold 1993

Other highlights:

  • Remixed and mastered Deep Purple "Made in Japan" concerts from original 8 track recordings (2014)
  • Mastered Jon Lord "Concerto for Group and Orchestra" in 5.1 and stereo
  • Mixed and mastered Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow "Memories in Rock" (Live in Germany)
  • Mixed Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow "Memories in Rock II" (Live)
  • Mixed and mastered Blackmore's Night "A Night in York"
  • Remastered John Farnham - Whispering Jack - album for 20th anniversary re-release
  • Remastered all Jimmy Barnes albums for re-release.
  • Remastered all Hunters and Collectors albums for re-release
  • Remastered all Mondo Rock albums for re-release
  • Remastered all The Angels albums for re-release
  • Remastered all Boom Crash Opera albums for re-release
  • Remastered all Joe Cocker albums for re-release in Australia
  • ARIA for best world music album ZULYA KAMALOVA - "3 Nights" 2007
  • All local releases for the Image Music Library.


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