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Jun 14, 2018



You have reached the studio chosen to master the music of top Australian (and international) musical acts. Many Artists including John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes, Deep Purple, Guy Sebastian, Shannon Noll, Steve Morse, Jon Lord, Wes Carr, Anthony Callea and many more have all entrusted Edensound with the important job of mastering their music.

What is mastering?

Mastering is the process used after mixing that prepares a track for radio and online broadcast. It also prepares tracks for CD replication or pressing. This process ensures your music will sound its best from your car stereo to your ipod to a home theatre system.

The process of mastering has been compared to that of polishing a diamond.

You could say that mixing “shapes” the music, positioning parts appropriately, whereas Mastering “makes the music shine”. It brings out the colours and enhances the brilliance. Also ensuring that all the tracks on your project are consistent in level and sound.

A mastering engineer must have highly developed musical and aural skills and a comprehensive understanding of audio technology, such as equalisers and compressors, to isolate and manipulate sonic frequencies in order to get the best sound out of a mix.

Whether you have spent a little or a lot in the process of your recording it is well worth making sure you get the best possible mastering engineer to make your music sound slick and professional.

Martin Pullan brings decades of musical and technical experience from his original home in the U.K. and his years in the Australian music industry to his mixing and mastering work. Needless to say Martin’s reputation is held in very high esteem throughout the industry.

Edensound would like to invite you to attend your mastering session.

If it is not possible, that’s fine but it is preferred.

To confirm availability and book your mastering session please call Martin Pullan on 0418 545 948

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