What to bring to your mastering session

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Jun 14, 2018



Your mixes can be suppled to Edensound Mastering as files on CD, DVD, USB drive or hard disk. Or sent via FTP (Hightail, Dropbox or similar).

Files can also be supplied as stems. For more information on stems see Mastering from Stems.

Format should be stereo or split mono WAV or AIFF at the sampling rate and bit rate of your mix session. In other words don't dither down to 44.1KHz 16 bit because we'll be processing analog.

Peak levels should be very close to "0" DBFS but not clipping or over. Otherwise you're not taking full advantage of the dynamic range/signal to noise of the medium. Ideally, limiters and EQ should be removed from the master mix bus.

It's a good idea to bring or supply some reference discs, tracks or files at CD quality or higher of release material that is similar in style to your material for comparison.

If you have ISRC codes you should know the codes you want to apply to your tracks. For more information on ISRC codes see ISRC codes.

Make sure you supply any information about the title and artist of the project and the track titles.

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