Martin Pullan

MasTering Engineer Melbourne

English born Martin Pullan has been at the helm at Edensound since its inception during the mid nineties. His reputation in the industry is one of high acclaim, the result of a career that has exposed him to almost every imaginable facet of music and audio production, performance and composition.

At the tender age of seven his musical tendencies were recognised by way of classical violin training which he studied for eleven years. He also took up guitar at the age of ten and used both instruments as a vehicle to play in numerous bands and youth orchestras in England. His interest in things technical was ignited when he left school to work for British Telecom where he developed a solid understanding of electronics over a period of three years. Throughout this period he maintained his live playing and finally ditched his day job to concentrate solely on playing the London Pub Circuit with his band Stealer.

In the late seventies he was invited to join the esteemed RG Jones Recording Studios in London as an assistant engineer. RG Jones was one of the top studios in the UK since the early days of recording, sadly like many other studios it had to close its doors due to changing technologies and markets. Over the years major artists including Sir Cliff Richard, George Michael, Moody Blues, Aha, Cleo Lane and many more made records there. He leapt at the opportunity, winding up his band to focus on his new job.

It was here that he cut his teeth as an engineer under the expert tutelage of top engineer Gerry Kitchingham. Opportunities to work with diverse artists at the time (Leo Sayer, Selina Jones and the Nolans) and a wide variety of music including large rhythm, brass and string line-ups proved an invaluable form of hands on experience. Martin was quickly promoted to the position of second engineer, a position he held for two years before leaving the UK to further broaden his skills.

He settled in Australia in the mid eighties and started working immediately at Flagstaff Studios in Melbourne, staying a year before becoming freelance. Over the next decade he worked with a swag of Australian and international acts, most of which enjoyed great success here and overseas - from The Black Sorrows, Things of Stone & Wood, T Bone Burnett, LRB and Split Enz to the Uncanny X-men and many others.

In the early nineties Martin decided to leave the time consuming lifestyle of freelance engineering in favour of his own venture, Edensound Mastering, which would operate as a digital editing and mastering facility. It was the perfect platform from which he could continue in his craft.


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