Mastering, editing and compiling final mixes of your audio recording to a production master ready for replication, or files for uploading.

Mastering is the critical fine tuning process in the creation of an album/EP that brings the songs together and ensures optimum clarity and balanced, consistent levels and equalisation across the entire recording. It's the final opportunity to eliminate dullness, rumblings, sibilance, unwanted noise and frequency anomalies that may have been missed whilst mixing. The tools and accurate monitoring environment required for mastering create an opportunity to carry out many other functions in post production with the highest quality results.

During the mixing process, one song is focused on at a time, which means that the different songs on an album/EP are usually at varying levels and with differing overall EQ.

At Edensound Mastering, we focus on the project as a whole and make sure all the songs have consistent levels and EQ.

Another important consideration is the overall level of the project. We make sure that the tracks are loud enough to stand up against other commercial releases so that when listened to in a playlist they don’t sound low in level and dull. At Edensound Mastering we achieve good levels whilst retaining the punchiness and transient response of the mix – loud AND clear!

At Edensound Mastering we use Focusrite Blue analog processing gear in conjuction with the latest digital technology to ensure the best quality sound and signal path for your material.


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